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About NY Style salsa

The roots of NY style salsa is back to '50s mambo era which is the days of Tito Puente,Machito,Tito Rodoriguez were compeiting who could make people dance best- so-called Palladium Era. It seems that mambo step was born at that time. Originally mambo step holds first beat and steps 234 678. (Mambo step in ballroom dance steps 234 678) But at that time, it seems there were several steps and many dancers did not want to show their steps because their step was their own and there were very few school to teach. There might be 123 567 step which is present NY style mambo. Anyway, it seems that when Eddie Torres has started, there already exist NY2 step. Although when mambo era in '50 lost its popularity, step has kept on to now . So some people say on2 is mambo, on1 is salsa.

Characteristics of NY style

Characteristics of NY style is in the steps which has full of energy in the rhythmic feelings. Mambo step is the steps on clave but it's very difficult to hold first beat and step from the 2nd beat for the poeple who is not used to listen to Latin music. In NY style 123 567 step is easy to step on clave even if they don't know clave or latin music. So the first characteristic is "Dance on Clave"

The 2nd characteristic is a lot ot various steps called "Open Shine" The Instructors in NY like Eddie Torres may have more than 300 of steps. I'm teaching about 100 steps in my class.

The 3rd one is "Turns" Ladies have to do a lot of turns in partner work. So they need solid basic and technique. So they need a lot of practice in NY style.

The 4th one is"Dance etiquette" Normally men and ladies step forward break on 123 when they practice shines together but men step backwards on 123 and forward on 567 in partner work. It's like lady first manner.This is important. Which means that leader(men) can dance both forward and backward in spite of the head count of the music is 123 or 567. In salsa music, the head count changes often because clave changes. So leader has to be able to dance on both break forward and backward.

The Best Instructional Video in the World

Eddie Torres teaches Salsa night club style vol.1&2


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